Congratulations to the New USASF National Advisory Board Members!

The National Advisory Board is democratically elected to support athletes and members by addressing emerging issues of broad potential impact and developing policies for the organization when needed.

Who is eligible to serve: All USASF Professional Members.
Membership: Members are nominated by their peers and voted in by the USASF membership.
Term: Two years.
Commitment: Members must comply with the NAB Code of Conduct and attend both semi annual meetings.

Cheer Coach Elected Representatives

Terms expire in December 2017
Joe Dunn – Dunn’s Findlay Cheer Elite & Gymnastics
Flo Iman – FCA Gems
Jessica Moltisanti – Zone Cheer All-Stars Inc
James Whitaker – Twist & Shout All-Stars
Derick Patterson –

Terms expire in December 2016
Lance Stoltenberg – Elite Cheer
Cora King – HotCheer All Stars
Brandon Roberts – ACE Cheer Company
Craig Tatum – United Cheer
Lisa Golden – Vegas Cheer Authority

Competition Event Producer Elected Representatives

Terms Expire in December 2017
Tres LeTard – Varsity All Star
Brandi Matthews – The JAM Brands
Darrell Bagby – The American Championships
Teresa Barbiere – Greater Midwest Cheer Expo
David Hanbery – Deep South Cheer and Dance, Inc.

Terms Expire in December 2016
Amber Koster – Champion Spirit Group
Chad Lemon – The JAM Brands
Scott Bouchard -Advanced SPIRIT Association
George Carillo – World Spirit Federation
Meagan Fiscella – CHEERSPORT

Affiliate Member Elected Representative

Terms expire in December 2017
Angela Robbins Hull – Rebel Athletic, Inc.
Carmine Silano – CheerSounds Music and Training, LLC

Terms expire in December 2016
Andrew Dean – Xtreme Shots Photography
Shelly O’Brien – Inside Publications
Shane Womack – Cheer Media

Many of the significant initiatives and programs that define the USASF originated or were developed through the work of the NAB, including:

  • Athlete ID
  • Career and Professional Membership
  • USASF Professional Responsibility Code
  • Disciplinary Process
  • All Star Prep
  • Image and Appearance Guidelines
  • USASF Chairman’s Cup
  • USASF Mentoring Leaders
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