IASF Announces Official Competition Divisions and Scoring System

Memphis, TN – The International All Star Federation (IASF), the leading organization for international Club Cheer and Dance teams, has released its official list of competition divisions for the global All-Star community. The IASF also said it plans to release its new scoring system by October 15, 2017.

The IASF, formerly part of the US All Star Federation, became a separate entity in 2016 with the goal of providing common divisions and scoring for the international community. The newly developed competition divisions and scoring system are designed to promote consistency and growth across the globe. The new divisions, now available at www.IASFworlds.com, closely resemble current IASF Worlds divisions in team size and score sheet. Now event producers around the globe will have the opportunity to add these divisions to their existing competitions.

The new IASF Scoring System will serve as the standard for international All-Star competition and will allow developing countries more opportunities to enter the competitive field. The system is designed to encourage the incorporation of creativity and individual cultures into routine choreography.

“The International All Star Federation is dedicated to the worldwide expansion of our sport, and we believe the introduction of these new standards will provide the structure and consistency needed to open the door for more international competition worldwide,” Les Stella, IASF Secretary-General.

About the IASF
The IASF is the leading organization for All-Star (club) cheerleading and dance teams. The IASF was previously a part of the USASF. Starting in March of 2016, the IASF became a separate entity and will move forward on a global course. With the help of the global cheer and dance community, the IASF will help provide common ground for all countries involved in ALl Star programs. For more information on the International All Star Federation please visit http://www.iasfworlds.com.

Contact: Les Stella, Secretary General

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