It’s cuffing season y’all. Left and right your friends are falling into soft, cuddly blankets and endless cute debates over which Netflix show to binge on next. And there you are, fifth-wheeling, sticking out like the spare tire on the back of a jeep. 

So what’s a girl to do? Settle for the next boy who crosses your path? It seems tempting, but there’s no surer way to waste your beauty and brains than to settle for the sake of settling- especially because everyone else is doing it.

Instead, what a perfect time to curl up alone with your fave unicorn slippers, a new notebook, and your fave pens and map out the masterpiece that is your best life. 

Ok, so in ten years you want to be married, with a degree, a successful career, and a puppy? Oh girl, me too. Yet, here I am, with my ten cats.

Instead of focusing on the end goal, think about what you want to experience in the next ten years. Is it international travel? Is it thrill-seeking? Is it creative? By filling your life with the things that make you a better you, that FOCUS on you, it’s a surefire way to invite the right guy into your life. And even better than that, if he doesn’t show up then you’ve fallen more in love with yourself! 

Once you’ve identified your “thing” that you want to do, start planning how you’re going to get there. How much money do you need to save a week? Do you need any extension or side courses to get you there? Do you need a passport and visa, or to register a business with the tax department? Write it all down, save pictures, print it out and make an image board. Cross things off your list as you go and add inspiration to your board weekly. By the time spring comes, you’re going to be part of the way towards an amazing adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime. 

Much better than your friends reminding you about that one winter you dated Mitch with the bad hair…

Edie George

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