You had the time of your lives over summer. It was idyllic. Long days, warm nights, tan skin and fairy lights. Your IG posts were fire. Then college came and you went off to different towns, football games, bonfire nights. He sent you a hoodie which you wear to bed- and to class when you sleep through your alarm. You send him love notes which get sent less often. Tests start, classes actually require attention and homework. Your social life on campus fills up the rest of your time. And suddenly it’s Thanksgiving and you’re both going to be back in your hometown.

Welcome to the Turkey Drop.

When long-distance college couples have drifted apart and come home for the holidays, someone is going to get dumped, aka the Turkey Drop. In the best case scenario, you’re the one doing it. Worst case, you’re being dumped. Either way, it’s not much fun. Luckily, Thanksgiving is full of food to drown your feelings in- and also family dysfunction to distract you.

If breaking up during Thanksgiving seems awful, think ahead, my friend. There’s Christmas, New Years… Valentine’s Day. If it’s not working now, it’s much better to let it go than waste money, time, energy! on guilt presents and wishing you had got out of it on Turkey Day.

Instead, channel the hurt or guilt into self-love, and use that extra cash you just freed up to treat yourself to unicorn slippers and snuggly robes to get through the breakup. 

Edie George

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