Birth Control Refill without Leaving Your House


Nurx (pronouced Nur-ex) is being touted as Uber for the pill. If you can order wine and cheese to your door, it only makes sense that you can get your birth control just as easily, right?

But wait… don’t you need a prescription for that?!

Yes, and Nurx has doctors on staff ready to message with you online or speak with you over the phone. 

We asked one of our writers in Texas who uses Nurx about the process. She said it was easy and reduced her birth control costs by half.

“More than anything, it was easy and convenient. I knew what type of BC I was on, it was a quick and simple process to answer the health questions and put in my details. I had a doctor contact me within the hour and make sure I knew all the important information about the medication I was choosing and when to visit a doctor in person if I had any issues. Halfway through my cycle, I ended up having some side-effects. I messaged them and got an answer from a doctor within three hours. I end up saving $15 a month and it comes to my mailbox without me having to do ANYTHING except remember to take it!”

Ok, sounds great, sign me up, but why is everyone talking about it NOW?

In early October, the Trump administration announced they were rolling back the Affordable Care Act’s birth control mandate, meaning your employer will no longer have to provide birth control as part of your health insurance plan. 

So this is not simply about the ease of access to birth control- although for the nearly 20 million women who live in “contraceptive desert” this is probably a miracle- but it’s about women taking control of their own healthcare. Reduced funding to public health centers like Planned Parenthood means that clinics are closing down across the country, affecting all aspects of women’s health. In 68% of counties with a Planned Parenthood clinic, they serve over half of all safety-net family planning patients- that’s breast exams, pap tests, and overall women’s health, not just birth control provisions.

So while funding and access to birth control are getting cut, we now have an app-for-that.

Accessing your birth control just got cheaper, and easier. Visit


Edie George

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