I confess, I too am lazy AF it comes to removing makeup. One of my fave methods is standing under a hot shower and letting that mascara cry down my face like I’ve had a truly traumatic experience.

Formulas for makeup, primers, setting sprays, setting powders, everlasting lipstick have improved so much that this doesn’t work so well anymore, as in I end up with half my face on my towel and my eye-makeup transplanted to my cheeks. Super cute.

So, what’s a gal to do? Here are my top 3 makeup remover faves you can get at any drug store.

Micellar Water: my holy grail of makeup removers.

I discovered micellar water a few years ago and thought, uh no way, this is too good to be true. But it wasn’t. At all. I’ve been an advocate ever since. Super gentle for sensitive skin, doesn’t pull, rub, aggravate or burn. Removes EVERYTHING gently and easily and doesn’t leave a residue on your skin. Simply moisturize after and you’re good to tumble into bed.

Coconut Oil

Ah, my friend, my foe. Coconut oil is a miracle substance. It can do everything from whiten teeth to repair friendships and broken hearts. It’s also fantastic at removing stubborn competition makeup and hydrating tired skin. It’s anti-microbial, anti-aging, and anti-conditioning-after-fullouts. The catch? It’s comedogenic, which means it clogs your pores. Betrayal! Not quite, it simply means that you need to cleanse your face after use—and makeup removing wipes are great for that.

Keep in mind everyone’s skin reacts differently, so if you’ve been using coconut oil without issues, I’m super jealous of you. For everyone else, slather it all over and wash it off your face after, or any other part of your body that gets breakouts

Makeup-Removing Wipes/Baby Wipes

These are great on the go if you need to touch up and reapply or fix a mistake. I love them to freshen up my face while flying. As far as mascara removal? No dice. I find nothing comes off unless I rub and end up losing lashes and probably damaging the delicate skin around the eyes. Love-hate relationship with them.

As a cheap alternative to “official” makeup remover wipes, I usually use baby wipes. Just make sure you get the fragrance free and sensitive skin ones-unless you want your face to smell like baby butt.


Good skin care means you’re raising the odds of having good skin and looking like a goddess. I mean, five minutes at the end of a comp day for a lifetime of healthier skin? Let’s get it together, ladies.

Edie George

Save Your Face!

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