Mascara: The Makeup Item We Can’t Live Without

We flicker them for attention; make wishes on them when they fall out; then there is those adorable butterfly kisses. Women cherish their eyelashes, and if you ask a woman what is the one make-up item she can’t live without: she’d most likely tell you it’s her mascara.

Ok girls, not blessed with divine lashes? Too short, too pale, too thin, too straight: No problem, mascara to the rescue.

In 1913 a woman named Mabel had the right idea. Her boyfriend Chet was in love with another woman, and to get his attention Mabel focused on her eyes. Her brother T.L. Williams was a chemist, and by blending Vaseline and coal dust, Williams developed a concoction Mabel could rub into her eyelashes to make them healthier and appear darker and thicker.

Williams founded the company Maybelline (a combination of the names Mabel and Vaseline) and women could buy the mail-order mascara for a mere 25 cents.

Throughout history, mascara has evolved. Prior to the 1950’s, it was served up in a cake-form with a tiny brush.   You had to wet the cake and rub the brush across it for an application. The first no-water version came out in 1957 and in the 1960’s the first water-proof formula was introduced to the public. By the 1970’s, mascara had become the number one selling cosmetic product in the world.

All Brushed Up

Brushes with denser bristles apply thicker coats, but clump easier. Brushes, with spaced out bristles clump less but yield a much lighter coat. Look for a brush no more than a half-inch wide and avoid curved models: It’s actually easier to reach angles and corners with a straight wand.

Taking Care of Your Lashes

It does not harm your eyelashes to wear mascara every day, but it is important to remove all eye make-up before going to bed each night. If you don’t, aside from looking as if the definition of beauty sleep is lost on you, it’s bad for both your eyes and your eyelashes. It can dry your lashes out, causing them to break and deposit flakes residue in your eyes. Use eye make-up remover and also think about trying an eyelash balm that will conditions your eyelashes at night. Pro-vitamin B5 or Polymers are some of the essential regenerative ingredients to look for.


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