My fashion style can probably best be summed up as “I used to be an athlete and never got the hang of wearing real pants”; so when the athleisure wear trend started, it was like a thousand angels decided to bless me at once. 

The best part of being an adult with a paycheck is you get to blow cash on expensive versions of things you used to wear as a kid. And my how things have changed. Baggy knees in leggings have grown up to be booty-hugging, mesh-inset works of art; little white crop tops you used to wear before training bras are now strappy-backed, soft-cupped comfort in colours and styles so cute it feels wrong to hide them under a shirt. And no-one has experienced a glo-up quite like the sweatpant. 

Hear me out- I’m writing this while in the office wearing $100 sweatpants. These sweet black babies paired with sneakers, a white tee and denim jacket took me from my Starbucks run at 8am to brunch with the girls. They’ve been rocked at a work meeting with booties and a blazer. First date dinner. Sunday football. Late night movie snuggles. Long car rides. Short plane trips. Actually long plane trips too. 

Unlike denim or leggings they’re never judgmental. They never dig in or leave you with marks. They never make you suck it in to zip them up and wouldn’t dream of giving you muffin-top. They don’t make you wear certain underwear. They’re warm, they’re comfortable and they give you full range of motion which is great for short or petite girls who sit criss-cross-applesauce on planes because they can’t put their feet on the ground comfortably.

So, go forth and embrace comfort!! Drop some cash on some legit sweatpants and you’ll be transformed.

Edie George


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