Danielle here from CHEERFIT to chat all about core exercises for flexibility! So are you wondering how to get that stretch, scorp., or needle? Tired of stretching ALL-THE-TIME and not seeing the results? Don’t sweat it, today we are focusing on exercises that help IMPROVE flexibility by strengthening your lower back, core, and hamstrings.

Yes, stretching is important, but you want to alternate stretching with STRENGTHENING so that you can really maximize those results! So follow the exercises below and do 15 reps x 3 rounds to get your #cheeerfitstrong on!

  • Lunge to Kicks
  • Plank Leg Lifts
  • Superman V-Ups
  • Inchworm Pushups

We can’t wait to see you check in on Instagram & the CHEERFIT Community! Upload your workout selfie and tag @cheerfittraining

Danielle Donovan

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