20 Ways to Win as an Allstar Cheerleader

Courtney Smith-Pope shares a personal perspective.

1) Hit your own routine when it counts
2) Know the first and last names of your whole team
3) Achieve a horizontal or better toe touch
4) Have perfect practice attendance for a whole year
5) Be the loudest source of motivation for your team always
6) Master one new skill each year of your career
7) Cry happy tears at the end of at least one routine a season
8 ) Be a triple threat, learn to fly base and back spot
9) Study your sport by watching videos from all past seasons of Allstar cheer
10) Experience a personal perfect practice with no mistakes
11) Encourage at least 10 younger athletes at every event you attend
12) Cheer on an actual competitor
13) Be the best source of support for a teammate going through an injury
14) Be the stunt group that goes in a routine all the time just for extra reps
15) Volunteer with the younger teams in your gym
16) Always be early to practice
17) Learn tumbling skills above and beyond what is personally choreographed
18) Fill in on a team and be the hero that makes it work
19) Be the one that can be counted on to save a stunt/pyramid in competition
20) Be the athlete your coach sheds the most tears over when you graduate


We train to perform in huge arenas but the Arena of Life is the one that matters the most.

CheerDaily Staff

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