Our parents are our biggest cheerleaders without a doubt! We couldn’t do this sport without them! But there are some things we wish our parents knew:

Flipping is hard. Like, flipping’ hard.

Getting over the fear of going upside down and landing on our hands (or head!) is hard! Some skills we’re going to get faster than others. Sometimes pushing us is good, but that’s what our coaches are for. Just love us when we walk out of the gym no matter what. 

Ice cream is always a good idea after a good OR bad tumbling day! 

Kynlee, 9.

Not doing our best hurts. A lot.

We know when we haven’t put our best performance on the floor. We’re going to be upset and that’s ok. Let us process the loss and come to you for comfort. 

Day 1 was the worst. I just wanted to go home but my dad gave me a pep talk and I went out and hit day 2! We didn’t win but seeing my dad after and he gave me a huge hug, it felt good knowing I didn’t give up.

Morgan, 12.

We want to perform TO you.

Watch us! Cheer for us! Nothing makes us happier than seeing you go crazy! We want to perform TO you, and for our team. Not the iPad or the phone. Seeing your face light up when we land our pass is the BEST feeling.

Seeing my mom cheering when I landed my RO BHS tuck was so great. She knew how worried I was about landing it on the comp floor.

Jessica, 10.

Memories matter to us!

It’s not just about the jackets and the rings and Disney (although we like all that!) but the time we get to spend together as a family. We love traveling to competitions because the family is together, whether it’s a road trip two states over or a plane ride to The Summit. 

I know it’s MY sport, but I love sharing it with you guys. And dad, thanks for giving up Super Bowl Sunday to come to my competition.

Farrah, 14.

We love our sport, and we love that you do too.

Thank you for letting us cheer. We know the schedules and the travel and the extra practices add up with time and money, but it’s THE BEST sport in the world. We love that you love it too!

CheerDaily Staff

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