Drills Build Skills: Front Walkovers

From Coach Roman at NY Icons.

Step 1. Perfect the approach lunge to a great handstand!

Step 2. Add a front limber, and then a front limber stand up.

Step 3. Lunge to step out into a split against a wall working on leg drive and control

Step 4. Working on blocking , extension and control while engaging the glutes and core.

Step 5. Front walkover over a mat for added assistance to help with the stand up.

Step 6. Front walkover!!! Perfect the basics and once that’s done keep on learning and practicing!!


About Roman

Coach Roman has been coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for over 20 years. As a college athlete, he was a 6x NCA All-American and 4x NCA National Collegiate Champion with Stephen F. Austin State University; Roman also has multiple all-star national championships as a coach and athlete.

Cheer Daily Staff

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