Workout Wednesday: Flyers! You Need This Workout!!

Hey flyers! Danielle here form CHEERFIT ( and flyers, today I am talking to
YOU! I bet you are tired of stretching for HOURS and not seeing much improvement, right? Don’t sweat
it… listen up, we’ve got your answer!!

In addition to stretch, you NEED to focus on flexibility EXERCISES that improve your range of motion and
strength… Yes, stretching is important… but so are THESE 4 exercises specifically designed for your cheer
goals in mind. This week, we are focusing on lower back flexibility, hamstring & hip flexibility, and core
strength! So join us!


– Single leg deadlifts
– Plank leg lifts
– Superman v-ups
– Single leg hamstring lifts

Complete each exercise for 10 reps, repeat 4 rounds! We can’t wait to see you check in on Instagram &
the CHEERFIT Community! Upload your workout selfie and tag @cheerfittraining #CHEERFITSTRONG

For more awesome workouts and to get complete access to the bonus workout videos for this exercise,
check out what being a CHEERFIT Ambassador is all about ( See you in

Danielle Donovan

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