by Bethany Stover

Healthy. In 2018 most people think this 7 letter word equates to a certain outward appearance that defines the internal state we are in. I, like most people, fell for this trap. Thinking that success, happiness, and health came from only eating superfoods, weighing under a certain amount, and believing that unless I portray an image of being 100% healthy 100% of the time, I was not enough.

I had a lot of people fooled.

Giving advice I wasn’t even taking. I got applauded for being a health expert. But little did most know, my health was deteriorating.

I lived and loved the life of obsessive exercise, fad diets, juice cleanses, and any method of overnight results for a to look the best in my cheer uniform. I never saw the negative long-term effects I was creating. Fast forward to having surgery on my leg and recovery setbacks that quickly ended my collegiate athletic career, my physical and mental health took a hard hit as a result.

I had to learn the hard way that life is what YOU make it.

Healthy is not deprivation.

Healthy is not sleeping all day.

Healthy is not working out for 4 hours even when your legs are numb.

Healthy is not saying no to social outings because it involves food.

Health is being proud of who you are from within, and it will shine throughout.

I may not have this concept down, yet. But I have made huge life changes to step closer to a new and happier season of life. Whether it takes a change of environment, seeking help, breaking bad habits, or just a change of heart and perspective, it is worth it to take the time to understand who you are and want you truly want out of this short life. Just because you might take up a little more space in this world, that’s nothing to cry about.

Your body, like your mind, might change… embrace it. Remember YOU are loved and you have a purpose and you will find it. This world is yours and you have a light to shine and whether you believe or not… you have more to offer than you are giving right now. So don’t hold back. We all deserve happiness, don’t let a silly 7 letter word steal it from you!!!

Cheer Daily Staff

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