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Hey guys! So for today’s Stunt Tip Tuesday we’re having a look at the importance of warming up 🔥

Whenever you’re about to go into a stunt session, whether it’s partner, dual or group stunting, it’s always essential to warm up first. Here are some reasons why:


Doing a stunt warm up gradually increases the heart rate and blood circulation, allowing the required muscles to stretch and loosen up. This prepares them for the session ahead allowing a lower risk of injury. The key muscles that should be warmed up include those in the shoulders, back, legs & arms.


A stunt warm-up is a great way to revise & improve your basics. The progression of our stunting into harder & more intricate skills is dependant on our ability to execute the basics with proper technique every single time. Especially if you are planning to attempt a new skill that session, having a proper warm-up that incorporates similar prerequisite skills will increase your chances of hitting that new skill in that session.


We’ve all had stunt sessions where nothing goes to plan and nothing is really hitting. However, as long as you have completed your warm up, you’ve already made an achievement that session. Similar to the concept of the importance of making your bed in the morning, proper stunt warm-ups wire your brain towards accomplishment, good habits and increased productivity.

Your warm-up should generally consist of skills that you can perform well and with ease. The video above is a warm-up that I have been doing for many years (and yet that left cupie is still terrible!) taught to me by Derrick Turner (thanks bro 👍). It goes through all the foundations that I believe are essential and touches upon prerequisites for most skills that I attempt in my sessions. Thanks Talesha Smith for helping me warm up👌

Thanks again for taking the time to reading this week’s episode of Stunt Tip Tuesday! If you have any questions about stunt or if you have a cool warm up feel free to message or tag me in the video!!

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