Didn’t Make the Team You Want?

Team placements are going out and there’s always someone who won’t be where they want to be.

Is that someone you?

It’s the start of the season and if you aren’t happy now, you might not be happy in six months.

Firstly, whatever you do, resist the urge to vent on social media!! Take a deep breath, delete the tweet, take a walk around the block, write a list of reasons why you are unhappy with your placement.

Why write? Because it focuses your thoughts and makes you really think about the why, not just feed the emotional reaction. Do you think you have level 3 tumbling but made level 2? List your level 3 tumbling skills and see if you meet ALL the requirements, not just some—most gyms won’t put a round-off tuck on level 3 without a connecting bhs.

Try not compare your placement to anyone else’s. Everyone is different. Each team has a different need for flyers, bases, back spots and tumblers. You may have all the flexibility in the world but if you’re 5’7” and 130lbs you probably won’t fly over some of the less flexible athletes who are shorter and smaller. Or you might have average level tumbling but are a boss base and can throw any stunt at level.

When you’re calm, call and set up a time to meet your coach and/or gym owner in person. Text is never a good way to address a situation as tone can be misread and feelings can be hurt on both sides. It’s always best to meet with someone in person—it shows maturity in facing a problem and willingness to come to a mutual solution.

Understand going in that they may still say no to your request and be prepared for what you’re going to say if your coach isn’t willing to work with you. Coaches put together teams that are the best fit for the gym to be successful, not always the individual. BUT! Your coaches know you and know your strengths and struggles. They most likely put you on a team that you will thrive on socially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Believe it or not, coaches are able to see a bigger picture and want happy athletes who want to come to practice. So go. Go to practice and try it out. If you’re still desperately unhappy after a month, it’s ok to try another gym. But if you leave, leave with grace, dignity and no hard-feelings.

No matter what, always be the leader in cheerleader.

CheerDaily Staff

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