Drills Build Skills: Twisting Awareness

by Roman Polyachenko


This is a small and helpful drill to help athletes work on their twisting awareness. It’s a combination of a handspring drill that I often do in level two which consists of doing a handspring to a solid handstand and drop to your stomach.

In this drill, we add a twist in order to help athletes work on twisting timing and to teach them not to twist off the ground but to wait until their rotation has begun. For beginners, this can also be done with half twist.

Make sure to have a solid handspring to handstand dropped to the stomach prior to trying to twist!


About Roman

Coach Roman has been coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for over 20 years. As a college athlete, he was a 6x NCA All-American and 4x NCA National Collegiate Champion with Stephen F. Austin State University; Roman also has multiple all-star national championships as a coach and athlete.


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