One of the most binge-worthy shows on Netflix right now is Queer Eye. I mean, what’s not to love about 5 gay guys with so much love in their hearts on their journey to help other men find their self-worth, confidence and body-positivity?! If there’s anything negative you could say, it’s that they make us question our friends and why they don’t hype us up on IG like these guys love on each other.

Need a reason to binge? Read on!

It’s about YOU being comfortable being you. Johnathan Van Ness told Vulture: “If you have body hair, I’m like, ‘Have your body hair. Have it sticking up the top of your shirt.’ I’m really about body positivity and self-love.” Tan applies the same logic to restyling the show’s “heroes”. He picks a wardrobe that is familiar, but better in every single way. And French tucks are the new popped collar—in case you missed it.

Social justice warriors are everywhere these days, but with our cultural conversations becoming more polarized than my standing full and existing, it’s hard to find common ground and a comfortable way to discuss uncomfortable topics. Kamaro, nicknamed Karoprah, brings those subjects to the foreground in a compassionate, measured and non-confrontational way. Whether it’s discussing with a Trump-voting cop about the fears his black son has about getting his license, or helping fellow cast-mate Bobby understand the church can be open and accepting, despite his personal experience in the past, Kamaro clearly wants world peace and isn’t afraid of having the tough conversations to get there.

Hands up if your house inspiration board on Pinterest is eclectic and completely out of your DIY experience? Bobby has a knack for finding what makes a man tick, and sometimes he even captures the essence of an entire family. We’re all about the shiplap he’s putting up in bedrooms, clearing toys for adults to take ownership of spaces in their home away from kids, and making studio apartments seem a little more chic for date night. And combined with Antoni’s simple meals that even we could probably maybe leave the house and go make to impress someone, well, we might just have a chance at not being single.

The best part though? Seeing their heroes realize they are worth it, and can find love and human connection, and are valued in this world. If you aren’t crying, laughing and imaginary clinking glasses with the fab five, you can’t sit with us.

So if you haven’t yet, go binge on Season 1 AND Season 2 on Netflix. And no, you can’t have our password we’re already sharing it 😂

Cheer Daily Staff

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