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Hey guys, it’s Tuesday again and today’s topic of discussion is Communication 📞


Communication is extremely important within stunting. The ability to convey yourselves to one another effectively allows you & others you stunt with to fix mistakes, progress into more intricate stunts and develop stronger bonds as athletes. However there are certain things to remember when communicating within Stunt groups


One of the most important things to remember is that communication is not one-sided. All too often in stunt groups do we see the bases ‘calling the shots’ while the flyer stays silent. In order to effectively stunt with one another, everyone needs to contribute. Everyone’s input is equally important



Sometimes when we communicate while stunting, we tend to critique & coach too much, overanalyse and end up becoming frustrated with one another. We can avoid a lot of negativity by simply changing the way we express ourselves. Try not to ‘coach’ but rather listen and try different solutions. Being respectful forges faith & trust in one another



When a stunt comes down or mistakes are made, we all too often deflect it onto others and assume that they must be doing something wrong. Instead of clouding your mind with negativity, put away your ego and ask open-ended questions. “What did that feel like to you?” “What do you think happened?” Sometimes there is a specific reason why things happened in the stunt, sometimes there isn’t. But if we always assume & never listen, we will never know


Communication in stunting can sometimes be difficult. Lack of knowledge or guidance can lead to a lot of ambiguity. However being open with one another and genuinely respecting one another’s opinions can lead to successful stunt sessions and furthermore a stronger bond between base/s and flyers


At the end of the day as much as communication is important sometimes the best thing to do is to shut up and try the stunt again 😜

Cheer Daily Staff

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