The first day of school can be full of surprises and unexpected stress. Do these 12 things the week before school goes back to get your headspace right before the school year starts!

Pick out your outfits for the first week! And have a backup plan.

Strategize with your friends, figure out your color scheme and have a backup plan in case you wake up in the morning and hate everything about the outfit you picked out for the day. Unless you wear a uniform to school, in which case skip this step and take nap.

Download all the apps you need for school on your phone/tablet/computer.

School wifi can suuuuck. Make sure you have all the standard apps ready to go on your tech before walking through the halls to class. It’s also a good idea to back up all your school work from the year before on an external drive to clear up some memory and clutter on your desktop.

Get your hair and nails done.

At the salon or at home, nothing makes you feel put together like fresh polish and getting rid of split ends.

Do a face mask.

Get zen. Meditate. With stuff on your face. Do a deep pore cleanse and get all those blackheads out, or an exfoliating scrub and start school with a fresh, clean face.

Change your sheets.

Uh, this goes without saying. But also, clean sheets feel like a little bit of heaven at night. Get a good night’s sleep with fresh sheets sprinkled with a little bit of lavender oil.

Wash your makeup brushes.

Even if you’ve been going bare-faced most of the summer, refresh your brushes for a clean start. No-one needs a surprise zit week two of school.

Pack your school bag and put it by the door!

Write a checklist, check it twice, pack and repack until everything fits the way you want. Then put it by your bedroom door and forget about having to go back to school because you’re all set.



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