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Hey everyone! On today’s edition of Stunt Tip Tuesday, we’re having a look at sports or activities outside of cheer that can improve your stunting. The following 3 activities are what I personally believe can help you greatly with your stunting



The quick reflexes, fast-twitch movements, and precision required in sports such as basketball, tennis, rugby & AFL are all required for stunting. The ability to catch and throw balls efficiently can significantly improve your hand-eye coordination and furthermore your hand speed. These abilities can lead to enhancements in your stunting technique – the faster we can react with precision, the sooner we can get onto a flyer’s foot and therefore hit the stunt.



Much like the strength & conditioning you do as part of your cheer curriculum, targeted weight training can strengthen the muscles required for effective stunting. Movements such as the squat, deadlift, power clean & shoulder press emulate movements in stunting. The more weight we’re able to move while performing these lifts (with proper technique) the easier stunting will be. Regions that should be targeted are the back, legs, shoulders & core



This one is a little unusual but boxing delivers a number of advantages to stunting. Regarded as one of the most technical sports, boxing requires a large amount of hand-eye coordination, hand speed and cardiovascular fitness – all required in stunting. The precision of hitting pads with correct combinations & the unique footwork learnt from boxing imitate the catching of flyer’s feet and the pivoting required of bases in twisting stunts. Furthermore boxing is a great workout for your back muscles which are the some of the main muscles you should be using when lifting someone overhead


There are many other activities and sports that can greatly enhance your stunting skills & technique. However nothing can quite compare to stunting itself and refining the basics so you can chase harder & more elite skills


Thanks for tuning in for another edition of Stunt Tip Tuesday! Hope you all throw a ball, a punch or a dumbbell around this week 😂

Cheer Daily Staff

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