The phrase “how you train is how you compete” is absolutely true. Since there is no substitute for a competitive environment in most gyms, athletes have to place themselves in that environment. Visualising the gym as a comp venue and placing artificial pressure on yourself can help you adapt to the high pressure of competition environments. What you put in is what you get out!!



Strong fundamentals will set athletes up for success and unlimited potential. When in a stressful environment, sometimes your body may not react accordingly to how you want it to – we think we are too nervous or anxious to do the best we can. Your body will then default to your muscle memory which is a combination of how you trained & how strong your basics are. The stronger the basics, the more we feel like we’re in control of ourselves within those stressful environments


Learning how to control our nerves is difficult. While we may never be rid of them, we can change the way we interpret them, essentially tricking our brain. Most of the time the ‘butterflies’ in your stomach are seen as nerves, leading to stress & doubt. However, they are actually an indication of anticipation and contained excitement. You can use that feeling to your advantage by letting it all out in your routine, executing your skills to the best of your ability & performing your heart out – ‘leaving it all on the floor’. Those nerves are now what propels you to hitting that routine and obtaining that zero, it’s excitement and strength all waiting to come out. See what I did there

We are always going to feel nervous and stressed at comps, that is unavoidable. However, accepting that these feelings are normal and prevailing despite them – this is true courage. Remember that YOU are in control and there is never a point in time where you should feel helpless. So next time you’re about to compete, remember your team is out there with you every step of the way, your coaches are screaming for you and the crowd just wants to see how incredible you can be
You are ready!


Cheer Daily Staff

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