Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday

by Kenny La from Australia

Hi all! Today we’re looking at how coaches can maintain their athletes’ motivation when the stunt isn’t hitting. Here are 3 suggestions that I personally believe can reignite that passion in your athletes

Doing the sequence in sections can help the athletes understand the different elements that make up the entire stunt. Break it down in 2-3 sections and tackle each individual section, scrutinising technique and execution. If there are numerous body positions in the sequence, bringing them back down to a lib can also allow the athletes to focus on their technique without compromising execution. It also allows athletes to focus on the details we as coaches stress so much, giving them a more positive outlook on the stunt.

Having groups do the sequence one at a time while the rest of the team forms a circle around them can give groups the confidence & support they need to hit. This circle of teammates fosters a safe environment, one that exudes support and positivity – knowing that your teammates are there for you. Furthermore, this circle of positivity can lead to other bonuses like better performance and execution. Ensure the circle is counting aloud with the group and encouraging them every step of the way

🚶🏻‍♂️MOVE ON🚶‍♀️
When you’ve been spending so much time on a sequence and it doesn’t seem to yield any progress, sometimes the best thing to do is to move on and come back to it later. Giving your athletes not only a physical but a mental break from the sequence can work wonders especially if you’ve been spending an absorbent amount of time on it. Move on to something else that they can achieve better results in, whether it be jumps or tumbling. Re-ignite their passion, re-align their focus and remind them that they are exceptional in other aspects of the routine.

Sometimes we just want to push through and make sure we don’t move on until everything is perfect. But we also need to understand that the time we have is finite and morale is just as important as hitting. Knowing when to push and when to pull back is a sign of a mature coach that understands their athletes and more importantly, cares about their mental & physical well-being.


Cheer Daily Staff

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