Those Lazy Hazy Summer Dayz

Getting bored of summer already? Did you have plans to get a million things done and have accomplished absolutely nothing? It’s easy to get lost in the long sunny days, letting the days float into weeks into months… and what do you have to show for it apart from poppin’ tan lines?!

Adding a routine can actually help you get some stuff done by making you do, well, stuff. Make the best of the rest of summer by adding a simple monthly routine.

Get out your planner, your colored pencils, and your phone to set up all your dates! Over the next month, we challenge you to do:

1 lunch date with a friend at a restaurant that isn’t part of a chain or franchise

24 hour no social media challenge 😱

1 day outdoors doing something you don’t usually do—go hiking,  ride bikes, pack a picnic, don’t forget sunscreen!

1 date night (even if it’s only with yourself or a friend! dress up and treat yourselves!)

1 new hobby that you stick to for a whole month! Is could be yoga, or photography, or slime… find something new and really try it for 30 days!

1 early morning workout with a friend—followed by breakfast, of course!

1 movie night with nothing made after 2000

1 day serving others through your church or community center

and the most important, 1 day of self-care!

Add on a daily challenge, like 100 pushups a day in July, crunches in August and squats for September, and you’re going to be transformed by the time school starts!

Cheer Daily Staff

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