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Hey guys, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a segment on partner stunt libs, specifically the different grips and how to execute them. This is my interpretation of the grips.

This is the most common grip used in partner Stunt as well as dual stunt where the right hand is behind the left hand. Make sure the palm of the right hand is in the middle of the foot and the index finger (2nd finger) is along the heel. The palm of the left hand is on the ball of the foot with fingers on one side and thumb on the other. We should be covering the entire foot with both hands and squeeze with thumbs and fingers.

This is the reverse of the universal grip (duh) where the left hand is in front of the right hand. The palm of the right hand is on the ball of the foot with the index finger along the middle of it. The palm of the left hand is covering the index finger of the right hand and the rest of the foot i.e. the middle & heel.

A couple of things to remember when doing libs from hands:

– Make sure we’re holding the lib on top of ourselves and in the middle, not to one side
– When going from hands, ensure that we get the hand onto the foot at the top of the Stunt where we’ll be holding the lib. The hands should be underneath the foot and not on the side of the foot (no hamburger grips)
– Don’t use too much power, think more about guiding the foot to where you want to hold it, placement is key

– Pull your lib at the top and to the middle otherwise the stunt will be pulled to one side
– Ensure you pull your lib leg up so your toe is next to the knee.
– Make sure hips are rolled in (squeeze your butt) so they are straight and not leaning into any one side

Big thanks to Liv Styles for being an awesome flyer and Alex Hughes for the awesome camera work 👍👍

Apologies for last week, I’ve been a bit busy lately now that we’re in the middle of comp season. Please keep the requests coming in and feel free to message me with any stunt-related queries

#stunttiptuesdays #justatip

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