with Kenny La from Australia

Hey guys, I’ve received numerous requests from people about what exercises can help with stunting. Today I’m going to list 3 exercises that I believe have a positive influence on your stunting – better yet they can be done without equipment 😱
Not only are handstands the foundation of all tumbling but they’re also the holy grail of stunting. The amount of strength that you can build in your shoulders, upper back and core from regularly holding handstands with correct technique is astounding. Furthermore, since handstands are all about correct alignment of your body, this will trickle into your stunting allowing you to have correct posture while stunting which reduces injuries and allows proper progressions.

The amount of times you’ve been told to “use your legs” during stunting would be exhausting but it is the single best advice. Anytime we toss, catch, dip and absorb, we need to use our legs. Jump squats allow you to develop an explosiveness along with an endurance in your legs that is critical to your stunting effectiveness.
Holding flyers in the air is hard on your body, especially if it is out of alignment. The front & back support holds allow you to re-align your body and furthermore strengthen your centre. If the centre (core) of your body is loose, it is extremely hard to hold someone overhead. A strong core that is aligned correctly allows your to hold the stunt with your body/structure rather than just your arms.
There are many other exercises that you can do but these are some of the ones that require no equipment at all. Thanks for tuning in and feel free to message me if you want more exercises like these!! 

Big thanks to my awesome demonstrators Daniel Rooney and Chuck Morningstar 😊👍

Cheer Daily Staff

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