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Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about a very common mistake that bases make while stunting—not being under the flyer. The following are a few causes that I believe as to why this could happen:

When catching stunts we sometimes lean back to try and see the feet before catching them. We should definitely be looking for the feet to catch however not if it compromises our body position or ability to catch the stunt effectively. Trust that your flyer will be in the same spot that you have guided her to with your toss and leave your hands up, giving her a clear target to land on. 

🤷‍♂️ NOT PUSHING UP 🤷‍♂️
When we’re holding the flyer, we sometimes hold them out in front of us, thinking it’s on top of us. This is more apparent when doing tic tocs and are unable to catch the foot properly. Most of the time we are letting our shoulders relax too much and not pushing up through them to position the flyer right on top of us. Push up through your shoulders, lats and upper back so we are in a stronger position and thereby not putting too much pressure into your lower back.

We need to move underneath the flyer to ensure that they are essentially stacked on top of your structure. Flyers cannot always land back on top of you and so we need to step in with our arms locked out and a slight bend in our knees to absorb the impact. Rule of thumb, if your elbow is not underneath your wrist, you are most likely stepping away from the flyer.

Big thank you to Alanah Cook & Leroy Anthony Sevillano for being so awesome! Thanks again for tuning in! Quick note that Stunt Tip Tuesdays will now be posted through the Outlaws Edge Facebook & Instagram so please check them out!

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