What does everyone need the first week of school? A new show to binge on to keep your mind off everything you’ve got to do in the next 9 months? We heard ya!

Currently streaming on Hulu, The O.C. was the teen heroine precursor to shows like Gossip Girl, Riverdale, 90210 and Glee. Creating complex female protagonists was something ground-breaking at the time—with the exception of Buffy who was 7-seasons deep kicking vampire booty into other dimensions.

This article from Tatiana Tenreyro at Bustle brought back all the mems and reminded us why a good after-school binge sesh is always necessary.

It feels like just yesterday that The O.C. ended, yet this August marks the 15th anniversary since the show beganAnd in the years following its conclusion, The O.C. has impacted pop culture immensely. From making indie music mainstream to creating a brand-new holiday with Chrismukkah, there’s plenty to credit The O.C. for. But one of the most vital things that the show accomplished was creating some of the most relatable, empowering teen heroines ever on TV. And by doing so, The O.C. paved the way for future TV shows like Gossip GirlRiverdale, and Skins to feature complex, realistic portrayals of young female characters.

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