School is back, practices are in full swing, balancing everything is tiring and now summer is over… lots of things to grumble about, right?

Try the kindness challenge! Next time someone on your team does something that makes you want to roll your eyes, think about something good they do and tell them! Next time your parents nag you about homework or putting your clothes away, think of all the times they take you to cheer practice and pay for extra privates, and thank them. Next time your brother eats the last bite off your plate, punch him. Jks.

In all seriousness, changing the way you react to a situation from a negative response to a positive response can rewire your brain! A high five or positive mat talk during a full-out can make a world of difference. It can inspire your teammates to push that much harder for the team, and make you be accountable for how you’re feeling during the routine. It’s easy to be negative and blame everyone else for how you feel. We challenge you to turn that around! Be a cheerLEADER!


Cheer Daily Staff

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