The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter… this means full-out season with competitions around the corner!

Struggling to breathe through your full-outs? Or dreading it whenever your coach tells you to set? Use these tips to get ready to go full-out.

Mat Talk

The most underrated skill in cheerleading. Cheer on your teammates during a full-out to make sure they know you’re invested in their success. Every time your flyer sets for a full-up, or your backspot goes for her running tumbling, yell for them! Make it predictable every time so they know when it’s coming and they learn to rely on your encouragement. It also helps you breathe!


Have you got your music yet? Learn it, sing it, yell it! Saying your voiceovers and singing through a routine also helps you breathe.


If you can do a floor of bear crawls and then hit a full-out, imagine how much better you’ll be WITHOUT doing bear crawls first! Take the time outside of practice to run, do jumping jacks or burpees, and then put your team music on and go throw all your tumbling. The more work you do outside practice will make it easier to breathe during practice.


Notice a pattern? Breathing. Always. Helps. Slow and steady will keep you performing at your peak throughout the routine.


Cheer Daily Staff

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