by Jalen

I love cheer so much, but sometimes it gets so stressful. Slime is something I love to make and sell in my free time, and it pretty much just relaxes me. I’ve become so passionate about slime over the past two years that I wanted to bring together all the other passionate slimers like myself for a convention so we could meet each other. That’s how I came up with the idea for the first ever Slime Rodeo in Dallas.

I wanted to make a super fun, enjoyable slime convention in a really convenient and accessible place like Dallas! I feel like it’s super easy to fly or drive to. I wanted to do it in Summer because my busy cheer schedule has kept me from attending other Slime events at other times of the year. I know summer is a great time to do it because everybody is bored and wants something fun to do.

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Even when I was seven years old, I was trying to find things to seel and find ways to hustle up money, so I was super excited to organize the first Dallas Slime Rodeo.


It was unforgettable because, well, everything is bigger in Texas! Don’t miss out on the next one in San Antonio on December 1st!!



Jalen is a cheerleader at Cheer Athletics. She has won Worlds, NCA, and the Summit.



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