with Kenny La from Outlaws All Stars, Australia

Hey everyone! Today we’ve got some quick tips for the small but fierce faces of the stunt group—the flyers!

Staying ‘tight’ requires you to squeeze your centre which is where your hips are. Whether we’re twisting or tic-toc’ing, tuck your bottom in and lock your core.

Make sure that your lines are on point by stretching a lot and making sure we are pulling lines in correct alignment (i.e not pulling lines to the side). Flyers also need to be strong, so make sure we do plenty of mobility & strength exercises in your flyers classes or at home.

You are the face of your stunt group, you are what the judges and audience see. Make it exciting and perform! Sing the lyrics to your music, hit your motions hard and always smile.

Thank you so much for tuning in! If you would like some more detailed information or just have a question about stunting, feel free to message me on Instagram (kenny_la) or Facebook (Kenny La). If you have any requests for what we should do next, let us know in the comments! See you all next week!

Cheer Daily Staff

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