with Kenny La from Australia

Hey everyone! Today we’ve got some quick tips for the high-flying stunts in a routine, the baskets⁣⁣!

Flyers should have their heads, shoulders, knees & toes all in a line when loading into the basket. This ensures that when they stand up fast, the flyer cuts through the air more efficiently, allowing the basket to go higher and straighter.⁣⁣

The faster the bases are from the bottom, the higher the basket will go. Explode off the bottom and follow all the way through with your entire body, jumping so hard your feet leave the ground and arms finish in blades above your head⁣⁣.

🏍 LET’S RIDE 🏍⁣⁣
Make sure flyers are taking the time in the basket to ride it up in a nice tight shape before pulling any tricks. Don’t cut your height off by pulling a toe touch or a full twist straight off the bottom, take it up and hit it at the top⁣⁣.
Thank you so much for tuning in! If you would like some more detailed information or just have a question about stunting, feel free to message me on Instagram (kenny_la) or Facebook (Kenny La). See you all next week! ⁣⁣


Cheer Daily Staff

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