with Kenny La from Australia

Hey everyone! Today we’ve got some quick tips for the tall, powerhouses of the stunt group – the backspots!

Being the tallest in your group, make sure you pull the stunt up to lighten the load on your bases and increase the stability. This also ensures your bases are locking out and allows them to have correct posture while stunting.

Use your height to your advantage and be the first point of contact in any stunt. Being behind the stunt also allows you to get onto the ankles and deliver the flyer straight into your bases hands, especially in release stunts.

Use your unique view of the stunt to spot any irregularities or adjustments that need to be made. Make sure you’re also the one that’s counting and always check to see if the group is in formation.

Thank you so much for tuning in! If you would like some more info or just have a question, message me on Instagram (kenny_la) or Facebook (Kenny La). See you all next week!

Cheer Daily Staff

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