ICU Opens its First Office in Lausanne!

Jeff Webb and Karl Olson at the grand opening of the International Cheer Union’s first office in Lausanne. We are excited for all the new experiences that will come with being more closely involved with the sports community in the city of Lausanne, the Olympic capital of the world. 🇨🇭

The Olympic movement is run and administered from Lausanne, and we are joining over 25 other sports federations with offices here, including gymnastics, cycling, archery, boxing, equestrian, figure skating, and rowing. As of November 7, 2018, we can officially add Muaythai and Cheerleading to that list as we celebrated sharing office space with our friends from IFMA with a grand opening reception. 👏🏻

This is big news for all National Federations in over 200 countries working with ICU to advance Cheerleading internationally.

Jeff Webb said it in the video, “We’re here. We. Are. In.” 🙌🏻

CheerDaily Staff

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