CheerDaily is excited to be teaming up once again with Spirit of America Productions for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

In a tradition that’s as American as pumpkin pie, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is loved by all. The floats! The music! The crowds! And, of course, the cheerleaders and dancers!

1500 cheerleaders and dancers arrived in NYC on Saturday, ready for a week of rehearsals and exploring the city. The schedule is packed with everything there is to see in New York, and more! Whether it’s seeing the classic tourist hubs like Times Square, Broadway and the Statue of Liberty, or taking a moment to reflect at the One World Memorial, there’s never a dull moment. This year the team also got to visit the largest Chic-Fil-A in America in the Financial District and Capezio’s recently opened flagship store.

Follow us on the @CheerDailyNews and @SoAProductions Instagram to catch all the action! And if you’re in New York, join us on the @CheerLifeApp and track your actions for a chance to win great prizes (hint hint… unicorns).

Cheer Daily Staff

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