with Kenny La from Australia

Hey everyone! Today we’ve got some quick tips on twisting skills for both the bases & the flyers!⁣

💃🏼 HIP, HIPS, HIPS 💃🏼⁣
Twisting should be initiated and performed with the hips in order to maintain good body position and for the stunt to stay in the same spot. The hips are the centre of gravity for most flyers so keeping a tight centre is ideal for all twisting stunts. ⁣

As mentioned in a previous post, bases should pivot in twisting stunts in order to stay close with their other bases and to stay underneath their flyer. It disallows common mistakes of walking out of the stunt and not getting to your spots fast enough.⁣

In order for twisting skills to hit the top, flyers and bases have to make sure that they’re are fast from the bottom and initiate the twist at the same time. Doing both of these will ensure a nice sharp, clean twist that hits to the top every time ⁣

Thank you so much for tuning in! If you would like some more detailed information or just have a question about stunting, feel free to message me on Instagram (kenny_la) or Facebook (Kenny La). See you all next week! ⁣


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