Are you heading to New York City with Spirit of America to be a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?!

Here’s our tips to help you navigate the subway:

Know Your Exit

Each station has several exits, sometimes there’s even three or four on the same intersection but different corners! Look up your exit in advance, because getting out at the right place will save you time crossing streets and waiting for traffic.

Stand next to the dirtiest spots by the yellow line

You’ll be the first to enter the car because it’s going to be lined up with where the train stops. Always let people off before you get on!

Is it an express?

Pay attention! Most of the travels you do won’t need an express unless you’re going all the way downtown or uptown. The majority of the activities we have planned are in a few block walkable radius! If you are going to take the subway, make sure you don’t accidentally step onto an express line or that’s going to be a very long trip back.

Leave it at home

Subway stations can be crowded and packed, have many stairs and not a lot of room to sit or stand on the trains. If you can leave strollers and bigger bags at home, do it! Your fellow passengers will thank you. If it’s unavoidable, plan for a bit of extra time to navigate down the stairs and try to pick a quieter car at the very front or back of the train.

Know your colors

Each subway line is number by letter and color. From the Hilton in Midtown, you will mostly be taking the Red (1, 2, 3) or Orange (B, D, F, M)  line uptown/downtown.

Make use of crosstown buses

If you need to go acrosstown, make use of subway transfers onto buses to cut between avenues.

Move quickly out of walkways

New Yorkers are in a hurry… down streets, elevators, turnstiles and to platforms. Once you’re on the platform, that’s your time to chill and take cute pics. Follow the flow of the crowd and keep an eye out above for signs. Platforms, connections, lines and routes are all clearly marked!

Wear your SoA jacket

It’ll help identify you in a crowd! Or help identify you to others who may be lost.


Have fun, and we’ll see y’all soon!

CheerDaily Staff

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