With Christmas next week and gyms closing for the holiday break, it’s a good idea to rest and take a physical and mental break before competition season really ramps up. And we all know what comp season entails… precision practices striving for perfection, reps on reps on reps, cold weather, sore muscles, aches and pains we all push through… sometimes even injuries we wrap up and say we’ll rest and heal when the season is over.

But when is the season really over for cheer? After Summit, there are tryouts, summer conditioning, skill-building, choreography… Sports Medicine Physician and Pediatrician, Heather Bergeson, puts forth a compelling argument in her TED talk that maybe we need to take a step back and let ourselves, and our kids, take a little break and refocus on youth sports as a positive, inspiring and character-building experience.


CheerDaily Staff

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