by Jay Hollman

I told myself I wouldn’t shed a tear after cheering my last game in the Bounce House but as you can see, I cried like a baby! I found myself in the corner of the end zone, where I just knelt there thinking about all the hard work, passion and support that I, as well as this UCF family, have poured out for the past 6 years!

Out of the many lessons, I’ve learned first hand how to appreciate and be thankful for every opportunity that has been given to me. People would say I couldn’t have scripted a better career here at UCF, because of the 3 NY6 bowl games, unbelievable trips, winless to back to back undefeated seasons and meeting the many waves of people that have joined or been a part of this awesome university.

I think it goes without saying but I’m so thankful to Knight Nation for taking me in and loving on me. It has been a blessing wearing that stacked logo on my chest. Thankful that I get one more semester to compete and wear these uniforms! I love y’all 💛

Once a Knight, Always a Knight!
Go Knights Charge On.

Cheer Daily Staff

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