THE New Year’s Fit Challenge for Cheerleaders

Got a new year’s resolution yet? Is working out, being stronger, getting skills, winning bids… any of these on your list?

Then we have THE workout to kickstart 2019 on the right foot. Best part? It’s FREEEE!!!

Sign up HERE to become a VIP for the 5-Day New Year’s Challenge! 

This challenge is going to hit all the core muscle groups you need to work to hyper-extend your jumps, build that core and get power for your tumbling. It’s all about making you stronger, fitter and healthier to hit the mat for nationals season.



CHEERFIT is run by Danielle Donovan, a former cheerleader and certified by the American Council on Exercise to specializes in youth fitness, sports conditioning, and group fitness specifically for cheerleaders. She’s developed CHEERFIT as a community-based fitness club, delivering the workouts, motivation, and support you need to keep healthy, fit and strong outside the gym to make the most of what you do inside the gym!

Danielle has been featured on NBC, Inside Cheerleading Magazine, FITNESS Magazine, Livestrong, Yahoo Beauty, NY Post, American Cheerleader Magazine, and more… basically, she’s legit.

So RESERVE YOUR SPOT and get a sneak peek into being a part of the CHEERFIT fam!

CheerDaily Staff

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