NCA High School Nationals has a lot of amazing going on. The sportsmanship, the cheerleaders cheering for cheerleaders, the spirit and the talent. The athletes who work so hard every day to support their school having their moment in the spotlight. And what a spotlight it is! The stage lights! The pyrotechnics! The banners and medals and jackets! But the best part of the weekend for us wasn’t just the great cheerleading, it was the Go Be Great awards.

Go Be Great recognizes the work cheerleaders do in their school communities, with teams nominated by coaches in the following categories: Crowd Leader, Ambassador, Spirit Raiser, Athlete, Entertainer, and Leader.

In addition to practice for gamedays, pep rallies, and their own competitions, these high school cheerleaders spent hours serving their communities, caroling at retirement homes, food drives for the less fortunate, cheer clinics for special abilities children and helping to provide disaster relief amongst others. One school, United South High School in Laredo, TX requires their cheer team to complete 100 hours of community service each per school year, and the cheerleaders rise to the challenge with pride.

Congratulations to the five winners:

  • Americas High School, El Paso, TX (Ambassador)
  • Cascia Hall Prep High School, Tulsa, OK (Ambassador)
  • Kittatinny Regional High School, Newton, NJ (Ambassador/Spirit Raiser)
  • Pieper Ranch Middle School, San Antonio, TX (Ambassador/Spirit Raiser)
  • Santa Fe Junior High School, Santa Fe, TX (Spirit Raiser)

To read more, head to the Varsity News page!

Cheer Daily Staff

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