ICU Approve ClicknClear as the First Global Music Vendor

In a huge move for cheerleading and cheer music, the International Cheer Union (ICU) has accredited ClicknClear as the first-ever global Approved Music Vendor!

ClicknClear works with big music companies, like Warner Music, BMG and Universal Music Publishing, to clear all the rights you need to use their available tracks in your cheer mixes.

What does this mean?

It means that all the music you license through ClicknClear will be fully legal for use, no matter where you are in the world! You can download tracks from their site, like Cheerleader by OMI, to use in your cheer mixes, and not worry about negotiating licensing or contacting the artists because they’ve done that hard work for you.

“Gaining official recognition from the ICU is a huge milestone for us. Our goal is to make sure that the sport we love has easy access to the great music everyone loves with all the rights needed, while properly remunerating the talented writers and artists who create it.” — Chantal Epp, ClicknClear CEO and Founder

Why do I have to license music?

It takes work to create something, and people need to be paid for their work. That’s where licenses come in. You pay to listen to Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus by purchasing through iTunes or paying for streaming through Spotify, but the license that comes with that purchase does not cover performing rights or the rights to edit the music in any way. It’s only for personal use. When you want to perform to a track in public and create a mix, different rights apply. And trust us, you don’t want to try and contact Ariana Grande, her writers, session musicians, producers, managers, and publishers just to use one track for a season.

But do we really have to use licensed music?

Just because not everyone else is always playing by the rules, doesn’t mean that it’s not illegal. Not knowing the law is not an excuse in court! As cheer grows in popularity around the world, more people will pay attention to what we’re doing — including the awesome music we use. More recognition and knowledge is great, but not if people are misusing music and overlooking music licensing.

This announcement means the ICU is putting their stamp of approval on ClicknClear as a legal music provider, meaning you can purchase music from their site and know you’re keeping yourself, your team, your gym and your sport safe!


CheerDaily Staff

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