We’ve been to enough competitions to know that we all need some help, especially in the hearing department. While thumping bass and loud music adds to the environment and excitement of competition, nothing adds to the cheer comp hangover than a bit of tinnitus. Our staff dropped their fave noise-reducing earplug picks after the jump so you can walk into the Arena and secure your front-row seat for the whole day knowing you won’t have to get up to give your ears a break!

Generic foam earplugs can do the trick, but they muffle all noises and make it difficult to carry on usual conversations. Still, it’s a good idea to carry some of these around for newbie parents who are braving their way through their first nationals season and waking up feeling rough on day 2. Share the wealth!

Our personal fave is Eargasms, which come ready to go and are lauded by musicians, hunters, and aviators alike. We started using these this season and can carry on conversations while enjoying the reduced decibels from the speakers. The great thing about Eargasms is they don’t mute music to the point it’s muffled but maintains great clarity of sound—we take them to rock concerts too 😉. With a friendly price tag and two different sizes, what’s to lose?

Pine Sounds is also a crowd favorite as it comes with two different filter inserts according to the level of decibels you want to cancel out. Favored by a judge friend of ours, he uses them when sitting on the panel to help him concentrate on the routines without aural fatigue.

If you want a classic, over-ear noise-canceling headphone, you can’t go wrong with the tried and true Bose Quiet Comfort. These are also great for planes and ambient noise reduction when traveling.

It may be a good idea to look into kid-size earplugs for when athletes get off the floor, or siblings come to competitions. Young ears are more susceptible to damage, and while cheer is their life right now, hearing issues are going to really affect the rest of their lives. And, it’s super cute seeing babies in ear muffs like little construction workers about to go jackhammer up the sidewalk or guide a plane back to the terminal. Snug Baby Earmuffs grow with your child, making them a no-brainer investment to protect their hearing through the early years of their life.

Whichever way you go, every little bit of hearing protection counts. Just ask any veteran cheer coach, judge, long-time athlete or parent…


Cheer Daily Staff

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