Yeah, AirPods are cool, but have you ever silenced an entire youth 3 team on your flight with the flick of a switch? Welcome to the wonderful world of noise-canceling headphones!!

How do they work?

When activated, a tiny microphone picks up noise and sends out a sound wave frequency that cancels out ambient noise around you. This can be engine noise from a plane, crowds in an airport, shrieks from an excited child, or everything at a cheer competition.

Why do you need them?

With extraneous noise eliminated, you can listen to things you actually want to hear without turning up the volume, which can cause permanent damage to your audio receptors.

Or, you can sit in blissful silence, eyeing off the chaos around you. 

But the main draw behind noise-canceling headphones is reducing noise-fatigue. Noise-fatigue can display in many symptoms, including sensitivity to sound, headaches, irritability, and general tiredness. Sound familiar? Yep, that’s your cheer hangover! Combine these with noise-reducing earplugs and your nationals season is going to be bliss.

 The price tag is worth it, your ears will thank you!


Cheer Daily Staff

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