They Said No, So She Did It Anyway

AnnCatherine Heigl is perhaps the only college cheerleader in America with Down Syndrome. She attends George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia where she is studying in the prestigious Mason LIFE initiative, one of the country’s few full-time programs for college students with disabilities.

“It’s not the fact that her motor skills are a little off, or she has a speech delay so the cheer and the chanting is a little more difficult. That stuff’s easy for her, she’s used to that, she does that every day of figuring out how to exist in a world that’s not built for her. That’s why her cheering is impressive—her biggest obstacle and the hardest thing in her life isn’t an extra chromosome it’s the fact that able-bodied, able-minded people every day believe she’s not capable.” —Lillie Heigl, AnnCatherine’s sister.

Down Syndrome Didn’t Stop This Girl Becoming A Cheerleader

A girl with down syndrome has proven that anyone can achieve their dreams if they fight for what they love 👏

Posted by Born Different on Thursday, February 7, 2019


Who’s up for a road trip with us to cheer on the cheerleaders at George Mason University?!

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