We saw this post The Disney Headache going around Facebook and uh, we gotta ask… WHO HURT YOU?!

Here’s our rebuttal, ma’am. And next time don’t book during a championship if you don’t like teenagers participating in sport!

Staying at All-Star Resorts

After a season of traveling all over with your team, y’all fight. It happens. We know. We sometimes want to pull Suzie’s posh pony outta her head too. But by the time it comes to the last competitions of the year and you’re rooming with Suzie at All Star Sports, it’s easy to forget why you were annoyed with her in the first place and rekindle your bff status. From the Disney themed rooms with the adorable animal towels on the beds, to stepping right outside onto the iconic football field to practice and watch your fave teams right in front of you, staying at All Star is a right-of-passage for all cheerleaders!

The Food!

Ok, it’s not healthy, and it’s not cheap, but uh, mini-Mickey waffles!! It’s probably best to pack your own snacks though…

Getting Around

Staying on-property makes everything easy. You don’t have a car but you don’t need one! Disney buses take you safely everywhere so if your mom wants to stay by the pool, you can get to Animal Kingdom, or Magic Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios, or Epcot, or or or…

Gift Shops at the Exits

Ok, so the first time you competed at Disney you got all the tiny little souvenirs at the exit of each ride to prove you’d been down Splash Mountain and The Tower of Terror, but now you’re a pro and breeze through those like the money-traps you know they are… and pull your rookie friends outta there asap! Main Street in the Magic Kingdom is enough browsing and has everything you might want to take home as a little memento of your stay. But you know the real take-home prize is the banner waiting for you at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Early Closing Times

This is literally the only reason you get to bed on time when you’re there competing! And Disney is always great about having extra Magic Hours when cheerleaders are on-property.

Outdoor Queues

Uh, how else do you see your friends roaming around the parks and yell at them or take creepy stalker Snapchats if you aren’t outside! Wear sunscreen and a hat, we know what we’re getting into when we line up for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.A

As for the CD staff? We can’t wait for UCA All-Star Nationals, ICU Worlds, IASF and USASF Worlds, and D1 & D2 Summit!


Cheer Daily Staff

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