Excite! Cheer in Highland Village, Texas has a theme for their gym every season that inspires their drive for the year. For the 2018-19 season, it’s a “Bee” theme, adding yellow to the traditional black and red colors of the gym.

With the Bee theme, they inspire their kids to Bee confident, Bee better, and Bee the change they want to see. And it’s BEEn one of the most successful seasons to date! With the culmination of NCA Nationals this past weekend, Excite! had beautiful, technical routines across all levels, with 10 zero deduction routines across 12 performances! In fact, they accrued just 1 point in deductions combined from their 6 teams with their small junior 3 team walking away with jackets and senior restricted 5 earning silver with a score just 0.03 behind first.

Congrats Excite! and we’re excited to see y’all take the climb at The Summit!

Cheer Daily Staff

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