We’d like to congratulate the following teams who hit a big zero in finals at the IASF/USASF World Championships at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.

ACE Ignite

ACE Lady Chiefs

ACE Rouge

ACE Warriors 🥉

Allstar One Lady Bang 🥉

ATA Atomic

Brandon Allstars Senior Black 🥈

Brandon Allstars Smoke

California Allstars Aces

California Allstars Black Ops 🥇

California Allstars Rangers 🥇

California Allstars Sparkle

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs 🥉

Cheer Athletics Platinumcats

Cheer Athletics Wildcats 🥇

Cheer Central Suns Lady Suns 🥇

Cheer Extreme Coed Elite 🥉

Cheer Extreme Cougar Coed 🥈

Cheer Extreme Lady Lux 🥇

Cheer Extreme Passion

Cheer Extreme SSX 🥇

Cheer Intensity Lions

Cheerletics Royalty

Cheers & More Lady Rouge

Cheer Sport Sharks Great Whites 🥇

Cheer Sport Sharks Grey Reefs

Cheer St Louis Archangels

CheerVille Anarchy 🥈

CJA Bombshells 🥉

CJA Team Gunz 🥉

Core Athletix Pink Diamonds

Coventry Dynamite Ammunition

ECE Bombshells M5 🥇

Extreme All Stars X5

FAME Allstars Vengeance

Flames Rivals

Flyers Allstars Intensity

Flyers Allstars Lightning  🥉

Flyers Allstars Karma 🥇

Flyers Allstars Knockout 🥇

Flyers Allstars Notorious 🥇

Gymtyme Fever 🥇

Gymtyme Platinum

Halifax Cheer Elite Blue Crew

Indiana Ultimate Insanity

Infinity Allstars Royals

Intensity Cheer Extreme Ice 5

Legacy Xtreme Boomslang

Maryland Twisters Reign

OC Allstars Neon

PCT Temptation

Pennsylvania Elite Guardians

Platinum Athletics PAC5

Premier Athletics Rouge

Premier Athletics Venom Sharks

Prodigy Allstars Starlight

Prodigy Allstars Midnight 🥇

Rain Athletics Aqua

Regio Cheer Allstars Galaxy

Rising Stars Ellipse 🥉

Rockstar Cheer Beatles 🥇

Rockstar Cheer Grateful Dead

Stingray Allstars Apple 🥈

Top Gun Lady Jags 🥈

Top Gun Large Coed 🥈

Top Gun Allstars OO5 🥇

Twist & Shout Obsession 🥈

Vancouver Allstars Ice Queens 🥉

Virginia Royalty Athletics Diamonds

Wildcats Fame

Woodlands Elite Black Ops 🥈

Woodlands Elite Recon

World Cup Odyssey

World Cup Suns

World Cup Shooting Stars 🥇

Cheer Daily Staff

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