Special Olympics Cheer is Recognized!

After the success of the recent Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi, the Special Olympics Board of Directors voted to officially include Competitive Cheer and DanceSports as recognized sports. Competitive Cheer has met the criteria to be officially recognized by having at least 12 accredided Special Olympics national and/or state programs across 2 Special Olympic Global Regions.

Next steps to become an official Special Olympics sport? We need to get Special Olympics Cheer instituted in 24 programs in 3 regions. Considering the growth of Competitive Cheer in general, and the numbers of special abilities teams popping up all over the world, we don’t think it will take long!

Thank you to all who have worked so hard to built Competitive Cheer in the Special Olympics!

Read more from the Special Olympics press release here.

Cheer Daily Staff

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